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Here's everything you need to know about the Reserves.

Reserve Roles

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Search for your ideal part-time role in the Navy, Army or Air Force Reserve, and enjoy getting more out of life.

Who are the Reserves?

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Reserves are men and women who want to do something exciting, challenging and rewarding in their spare time, while learning new skills and giving something back to the broader community.

What's Involved?

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Navy, Army and Air Force Reserves operate alongside full-time personnel in a fully-trained military capacity, ready to serve if and when Australia needs them.


Learn about the new skills you'll acquire

In the Reserves you'll improve both your physical and mental fitness, while learning new skills. The training may complement and build on your day job or prepare you a completely new role.

Pay & Benefits

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Most Reserves join the Navy, Army or Air Force for the exciting work, the friendships and the lifestyle. But there are many other benefits too, including financial ones.

How to Join

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Even if you haven't decided on a specific role yet, simply click the 'apply now' button to start your application. Or click below for more about what's involved.

Info for employers

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Your business will be stronger with Reserves in its ranks. It will benefit greatly from the skills taught in the Reserves and the character-building activities your employees will engage in.