Our training is designed to help improve your fitness while teaching you new skills. It will complement and build on your day job, or may prepare you for a completely new role.

Develop personally Develop personally

Develop personally

Our training will expose you to rewarding new challenges that may take you outside your comfort zone. You’ll become a more positive and goal-orientated team player, with enhanced qualities of leadership, initiative and confidence.

Develop professionally Develop professionally

Develop professionally

Depending on your role, you may receive training that relates directly to your day job, providing skills and character development. You’ll become more disciplined and self-reliant, a better decision maker, and a more effective leader.

Give something back

One of the most fulfilling elements of part-time service is the opportunity to help communities in Australia and overseas.

Disaster relief

Help communities impacted by floods, fires and earthquakes.

Humanitarian aid

Support people living in the shadows of war and civil disturbance.

Event security

Provide safety services at major sporting, cultural, religious and political events.

Training snapshots

Training varies depending on your role. Below you’ll find an overview of the training required for each Service. For more information view the individual job pages or attend one of our information sessions.

Navy training


Reserve Entry Recruit Course

HMAS Cerberus, Westernport, VIC

  • 5 weeks divided into 2 phases


Reserve Entry Officer Course

HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay, NSW

  • 2 weeks residential
  • Self-paced distance learning
  • 2 weeks pre-sea training
  • A short sea deployment

Army Training

Once you have completed your initial training, you are expected to work a minimum of 20 and up to 70 days per year.


Reserve Recruit Training Course

Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga, NSW

  • 35 days

Initial employment training

Usually at your local reserve unit

  • 2 to 7 weeks within 18 months, in blocks

General Service Officers

Reserve Recruit Training Course

Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga, NSW

  • 35 days

Various team leadership courses

Sydney University Regiment, Singleton, NSW

  • 3 x 16 days

All Corps Army Reserve Platoon Commander Course

RMC Duntroon, Canberra, ACT

  • 28 days

Special Service Officers

(Pre-qualified roles such as Chaplain, Doctor and Lawyer)

Specialist Service Officer training

Various locations across Australia

  • Ranges from 9 to 41 days in 3 modules

Air Force Training


Recruit Course

RAAF Base Wagga, NSW

  • 10.6 weeks over four phases

Specialist Reserve Officers

(Pre-qualified roles such as Chaplain, Doctor and Lawyer)

Specialist Reserve Induction Course

RAAF Base East Sale, VIC

  • 6 days