Pay & Benefits

Most Reserves join the Navy, Army or Air Force for the exciting work, the friendships and the lifestyle. But there are many other benefits too, including financial ones.

Part-time roles that offer more

An exciting, adventurous and rewarding part-time job is just the beginning. In the Reserves you'll enjoy many other benefits too.

Tax-free daily pay and allowances

The pay you receive in the Reserves goes straight into your pocket with no deductions for tax, and it increases as you gain seniority and experience. You'll also receive a free uniform and Reserve Allowance.

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Compensation for your employer

If eligible your employer can receive compensation for your absence through the Employer Support Payment Scheme which pays them a minimum rate based on the average full-time adult wage.

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Free employment training

The world-class vocational training you receive in the Reserves will give you new skills while developing your personal qualities. This benefits you, your everyday employer and your future career prospects.

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Free food and accommodation

Training, exercises and deployments - which can be interstate or even overseas - will take you away from home, so the Navy, Army and Air Force Reserves provide free meals and accommodation.

Free medical and dental care

The good health of our people is a very priority in the ADF. So when on deployment Reserves are given free access to the highest quality medical and dental care, offered in well equipped facilities.

Opportunities for travel

You'll see a lot more of Australia and even the world in the Reserves as you engage in exercises, deployments and disaster-relief work helping to rebuild communities hit by earthquake, fire or floods