Who are the Reserves?

Reserves are men and women who want to do something exciting, challenging and rewarding in their spare time, while learning new skills and giving something back to the broader community.

People who want more out of life

Reserves are men and women who want to do something exciting and challenging and rewarding on the occasional weekend, weekly evenings, or days off work.


In a role that complements your day job, or is a new challenge.


Contributing as much or as little time as you want.


With the satisfaction of giving something back to your country.

Everyday Aussies Everyday Aussies

Everyday Aussies who want more out of life

Reserves are people from all backgrounds who are enjoying a new dimension to their lives. They serve alongside full-time Navy, Army or Air Force personnel on the occasional weekend, weekly evening, or days off work.

Modern Reserves work across a wide variety of trades and professions and get involved with rewarding activities such as supporting the work of full-time personnel on humanitarian missions, disaster-relief activities and combat operations.

Ambitious People Ambitious People

Ambitious people seeking additional outlets for their skills

Some Reserves wish to complement their trade or professional work with extra training and new challenges in a dynamic team environment. Others simply want to do something different, exciting and worthwhile that's in complete contrast to their usual job, and on a part-time basis.

All of them share the common desire to 'give something back', serving the country they love and benefitting the broader community.